You have shown up at our terms and conditions for Stores. These terms and conditions, along with our terms and conditions on our Site and  of this agreement. These Terms and Conditions alluded to above can be found on our footer page.

This Agreement is an official understanding among you and 3D Riggers. It likewise sets out a portion of the terms and conditions overseeing your Store and the selling of merchandise, items and administrations from your Store on this Site, so please read it cautiously. 

If it’s not too much trouble note that you are required to acknowledge the Site expressions and conditions before 3D Riggers will open your Store. In the event that you are unsure, or don’t concur with the terms and conditions underneath or any of the Site expressions and conditions, at that point you ought not acknowledge them, which will bring about 3D Riggers declining your application for a Store.

Store & Store Owner's

  • Proprietor of Stores must endeavour to accomplish extraordinary “client care” and guarantee that the client’s involvement with the Store is exceptionally fulfilling for the client and will urge the client to come back to the Store.
  • Proprietors of Stores must utilize sound business astuteness consistently and act and the Stores in a genuine, agreeable and in a monetarily reasonable way and quickly make a move to determine any client grumbling or inquiry in a proficient and successful way.

In order to qualify for a 3D Riggers Store, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Acceptance of our terms and conditions provide us with the necessary consent to carry out necessary investigations;
  • You must be familiar with the manner and way in which 3D Riggers operates and you must have accepted all the terms and conditions that applies to you.
Documentation required before the Store is opened
  • Identity or passport documents of the owner’s of the Store.
  • Certificate of incorporation of company or Close Corporation if applicable.
  • Proof of Address.
  • Proof of bank accounts.
  • FICA documents.
  • VAT Certificate if applicable.

Featured Store

  • You must have a minimum of 50 positive ratings from Buyers.
  • Your rating feedback must be 4 stars or higher at all times.
  • In addition to specific goods or product warranties, you must provide a 30 day warranty on sales from date of payment.
What you get by opening a store
  • A Sold by: (Your Store Name) will appear on your products.
  • An image of your Store logo in your Store page.
  • A static banner at the top of your Store page to use for branding of your Store.
  • Inclusion of your Store name in the 3D Riggers Store list.
  • A 3D Riggers web address to promote your Store [].
  • Shipping options set up by 3D Riggers.
  • PayFast payment method to protect client information.
  • If you have been accepted as a verified user, you will be allowed to trade on our website.

Cost Involved with Operating your Store

  • As store owner you are required to familiarize yourself with the costs and fees that are applicable in operating a Store. All amounts referred to below are inclusive of VAT/ unless you are not VAT registered.
  • There are no monthly fees.
  • We charge a 3,5% transaction fee for the use of Payfast or EFT payment method.
  • The Company takes a 11,5% commission on all sales made through the website.
  • Shipping costs are paid to the company and will be used to ship your products.



What you can sell

  • 3d printed products.
  • Laser cut products.
  • CNC machined products.
  • Digital 3D Models (Your property).
  • Handmade products related to old manufacturing techniques, Blacksmiths, carpentry, jewelry making ect.
  • Machine equipment, this relates to part that are used on 3d printing, laser sutting and CNC machines.
  • Consumables, this relates to products required to produce products.

Prohibited to sell

  • Stolen products.
  • Illegally imported products.
  • Counterfeit products of any nature.
  • Products and/or services that are dangerous, or which may cause harm to persons or property.
  • Products and/or services that we advise, in our sole discretion, are inappropriate for sale on this Site.
  • Manufactured products that has a non commercial license.