PLA vs ABS vs PETG vs PP vs Nylon vs Carbon Fibre

So any guesses before watching the video?

Its no surprise that the most common 3d printing material in South Africa and across the globe has out performed the rest. That’s right PLA is the stiffest 3d printing material, but with stiffness comes brittleness.

3D Printing South Africa, do we stand a chance?

So I have been involved in 3d printing since 2015 and the market has definitely grown significantly over the past 5 years. We all know china is miles ahead of us when it comes to manufacturing, but if we start supporting local businesses we can grow Africa to be a contender. In my personal opinion I think we have amazing people in this country that can design amazing machines, but why are we not?

Yes the CSIR has built the largest and fastest metal 3d printer, but is this enough to spark the next big thing? This just shows us that we have the potential to design a machine that can not only compete globally, but actually take over (for all the Conor McGregor fans).

I still think that big thinking is the key to our next break through, Customer service second to none. Yes money will always be a problem, or is it only a problem because we make it one?

If we design a Premium product and sell it to oversea companies? Now you can charge what your machine is worth, Come on now were getting paid in dollars and Euros. I’m not here to preach, I just think we have the potential, its just a mindset change stopping us.

Please leave a comment below on why you think 3D Printing in Africa hasn’t exploded yet? Also go read some of my other posts here.

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