Top 3 best animal models to 3D print

So if you are anything like us, you hate reading through pages of content just to find what you are looking for. So in short here are some of our favorite animal models and also one of the sites we regularly use to find inspiration for our next designs. 3D Printing in South Africa is becoming more popular, go to our site for an instant quote online.

Cute Mini Octopus

This model is one of our favorites. We have a sponsor an octopus, this will let you sponsor a 3D printed octopus for our “The octopode Project South Africa”, where we crochet octie’s from premature babies (Preemies). Go check that page on Facebook. This octopus was designed by McGybeer on thingiverse

Top 3 best animals to print
Octopus 3d print south africa

T-Rex Skeleton

Is that a T-Rex, well yes it is. such an awesome 3d print. So what about getting your boss something like this as a corporate gift? This file was designed by Makerbot on thingiverse.

Top 3 best 3d printed animals south africa
#d printed south africa

Save Pangolins

So the Pangolin is going extinct and we would like to make people aware of this beautiful animal than might be lost forever. If you would be interested we can 3d print this model for you in South Africa and we will donate a share of the cost to this cause. This model was designed by Amaochan on thingiverse

Save the pangolin, 3d printing south africa
Real life size model