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3D Printing Methods Below are the 3 main methods we use to print 3d, if you are interested visit our services page and find out more. FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling Material Extrusion gadgets are the most normally accessible — and the least expensive — sorts of 3D printing innovation on the planet. You may […]

Most Rigid 3D Printing Material

PLA vs ABS vs PETG vs PP vs Nylon vs Carbon Fibre So any guesses before watching the video? Its no surprise that the most common 3d printing material in South Africa and across the globe has out performed the rest. That’s right PLA is the stiffest 3d printing material, but with stiffness comes brittleness. […]


PETG sounds like a mouth full, but what it lacks in pronunciation it more than makes up for when introduced into 3d printing. This filament combines the best of PLA and ABS to make a super human filament. With great industrial strength and flexibility its ideal for use in any real life application. To top […]

ABS Filament

ABS is another commonly used filament in South Africa and across the 3d printing community. The material is less brittle and more ductile so it can be used in real life applications. This material can also be smoothed with acetone, leaving a nice glossy finish(almost injection molding like). Why? Strong and ductile. Wear resistant for […]

PLA Filament

PLA filament is the most popular filament used in FDM printing. So why is this filament so popular? Well it comes in a variety of colours to start with and it is very easy to print with. If you are reading this you don’t care about how easy it prints, all you want to know […]

Don’t know what you can print with a 3D printer?

Top 3 best animal models to 3D print So if you are anything like us, you hate reading through pages of content just to find what you are looking for. So in short here are some of our favorite animal models and also one of the sites we regularly use to find inspiration for our […]