Job Opportunities

3D Printing Jobs & Other

We are looking for creative people that are good at what they do, below are vacancies that are currently open or will be open in the future. Not just 3D printing jobs.

  • 3D Printer Operator (FDM, SLA and DLP)
  • 3D Printer Repair Technician (Mechanical)
  • 3D Printer Repair Technician (Software)
  • 3D Modeler and Mesh repairer (Fusion360, Blender and Meshmixer)
  • Sales & Marketing¬†
  • Film maker (Video editor)
  • Industrial Designer
  • Website Management
  • Accounting¬†

Be creative and unique. Anyone can upload a 3 page CV, but will that get you the Job? This is a company where we want to hear your dreams and build them with you.

3D Printing South Africa, 3d printed and manufactured in South Africa

Please send us your job application to [email protected] or fill in a the contact form here

Students please apply, even if you’re not done studying yet. If you are passionate about one of these careers or one that isn’t displayed, send us an email. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Even if you don’t know anything about 3D printing.¬†

Designers without access to a 3d printer, laser cutters or CNC Machine

Industrial design student jobs

Are you a industrial designer, sculptor, 3D designer ect.

We offer the following services, for you to be able to still sell your products:

  • Sell your models and we will handle the manufacturing for you
  • Design for 3D Printing
  • Store management and couriers.

Don’t miss out on selling something unique, because you don’t have the right equipment, contact us today and we can help you.

If you have access to the equipment needed to manufacture your parts, then go to My Account and open a Free online store today.